Turley Areal – BF 4, Mannheim

As part of the new Turley site on the grounds of the former Kaiser Wilhelm barracks in Mannheim, around 250 high-end rental apartments are being developed in 6 buildings directly adjacent to the new Quartierspark. They will be planned and constructed according to the energy efficiency standard “KFW Effizienzhaus 55”. Ranging from 38 to 207 m² in size, the apartments will comprise between 1 and 4.5 rooms and are suitable for students, singles, senior citizens, young couples and families. Parking spaces are available to the tenants in the property’s own underground car park, all of which are equipped with electric charging stations. A car-sharing and a bicycle service station will also be built. The roofs will be extensively landscaped, and rainwater will be able to percolate in an environmentally friendly way on the site.

Project data:


Heinrich-Wittkamp-Str. 2-43 Mannheim

Project type

Rental apartments with an underground car park

Plot size

11.900 m²



Housing units

about 250

Parking spaces



Schenk Fleischhaker Architekten Partnerschaft mbB, Hamburg

Gross floor area

26.980 m²

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